Employee Benefit Planning

Regardless of the nature of your business, your employees are among your greatest asset. Creating a responsive and respectful employee benefit/deferred compensation plan can solidify a relationship, build employee confidence and motivate performance.

Matching your business needs with your employees wants is a critical balancing act that requires thorough research and earnest compromise. ES helps you evaluate all options and design your company’s employee benefit programs to be mutually advantageous.

There is a solution and we’ll help you find it.

**Plan design and implementation**

The complicated task of designing and implementing an employee benefits/deferred compensation program demands a dispassionate analysis of the available options to minimize cost to the business and maximize employee satisfaction. ES works diligently with clients to define goals and set reasonable parameters, in order to stitch together a fully-realized plan. We provide valuable information, insight and recommendations with the goal developing an employee benefit/deferred compensation program most appropriate for your employees, with the assurance that all government regulatory agency mandates are addressed.

Services in this area include:

  • Analysis of total employee compensation packages
  • Feasibility studies for new and existing retirement plans
  • Assistance in drafting plan documents
  • Consultation on fringe benefits – life insurance, medical benefits, disability, cafeteria plans, company cars
  • Assistance for plan administrator, as needed.