Emerging Business


Developing the expertise and experience needed to create an emerging enterprise in today’s challenging business environment is often beyond the scope of an individual entrepreneur. As that entrepreneur, planning for the future takes a backseat to coping with day-to-day business demands. It takes results-oriented management acting on sound and timely business advice from experienced experts to help emerging businesses become viable and competitive.

Our professionals are business people, with the entrepreneurial spirit, know-how and diagnostic skills necessary to turn a good idea into a successful business. While we don’t make decisions for you, we do help you to understand the ramifications of alternative courses of action.

Providing the services you need, ES recognizes that your problems are unique. Our specialists have identified some key areas where we can provide entrepreneurs special services to enhance opportunities for positive results, including:

  • Planning and analysis
    • Business plan development
    • Organizational structure
    • Income tax advantages/disadvantages of various types of incorporation
  • Accounting systems design and implementation
  • Technology selection and training
  • Production and inventory control techniques
  • Financial statement analysis and interpretation
  • Financial management
    • Assistance with financing relationships
    • Financial projections and operating budgets
    • Credit and collection policies
    • Cash flow studies
  • Compensation and employee benefits
  • Marketing assistance
  • Assistance with hiring accounting personnel