IRS Audit Triggers

IRS Audit Triggers


The following are common audit triggers:

  • Taking higher than average deductions.  You should take any deductions you are actually entitled to but make sure you have the appropriate documentation since you may be contacted by the IRS.
  • Writing off alimony. Rules on this are complicated and it is expected the IRS will closely monitor this area.
  • Claiming large charitable deductions. You need to satisfy the substantiation requirements and fill out Form 8283 if non cash donations are over $500.
  • Running a small business. The IRS knows this is an area with lots of problems such as excessive write offs of expenses, not reporting all income, taking 100% business use on a vehicle and deducting entertainment starting in 2018.  At Elias Strauss CPAs, we specialize in handling small businesses and are aware of what is and isn’t allowed to be deducted on the tax return.  In some cases, we have helped the client deduct all the business expenses when they were originally overlooked.

If you need help either preparing a tax return or dealing with a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, we have lots of experience dealing with both, and would be happy to help you.  At this point, you should have already prepared your 2018 tax returns, but if you haven’t and want some help, you should consider contacting us as soon as possible.



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